Car Tyres

Here at our local garage, we repair and replace a wide range of car tyres to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. From puncture repairs to laser 4 wheel alignment for all vehicle makes and models, we offer a complete range of services. Whether you would like budget or premium tyres, we can supply the tyres of your choice and carry out a same day fitting. We have extensive experience in fitting tyres and we can carry out installations efficiently and at an appropriate time for you. Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience to arrange a service.

Tyre Repair

If you suspect that your tyre requires repairing, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced technicians. The importance of getting your tyres frequently maintained cannot be overlooked. In a recent annual report from the Department of Transport, 1,168 accidents, 228 serious injuries and 36 deaths were noted as being caused by tyres. So, prevent tyre problems from occurring mid journey by getting one of our technicians to inspect them for you. We can carry out speedy, top quality repairs for an affordable cost.

Expert Tyre Fitting

We can perform tyre fitting and repairs on vehicles of every make and model, including cars, vans, and light commercials. If you happen to be concerned about the state your tyres are in at the moment, then do not hesitate and arrange to drop your vehicle off at our facilities. For minor punctures, we can often fix the issue instead of replacing the whole tyre. However, if there is more extensive damage or the tread has worn down significantly, a replacement service could be necessary.

In the UK, the legal tread depth is 1.6mm across the middle of the tyre all the way around the circumference. Replacing tyres before you reach this legal minimum is vital as worn tyres can be incredibly dangerous, especially in wet conditions. If you are worried, contact us to arrange a check-up.  

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